How Do I Add Members? And How Do I Avoid Approving Members?

The only way to avoid approving members is to invite members through the website, rather than sharing your Community Link.

There are three main ways to invite members to your Community, all of which can be accessed from the same place. Click on Team in the main green menu bar at the top. Then click on Add Members at the top right of the team screen:

You will then have three options:

The default is to invite members via email. When inviting members via email, members will receive an invitation to Join the Community without being approved by a Site Admin. Once they click on the link, they are in. However, if they forward that email to anyone else, the link will not work for another person. It is specifically for their email. 

  1. You can also invite members via text using phone numbers. This will send people whose numbers you enter a link to join. After clicking on that link, they will need to add some profile information, most importantly a valid email, unless they already have an account with Lotsa Helping Hands (if they have an account, they will just need to login). 
  2. You can share a Community Link with friends and family who can request to Join the Community. This is the best method for email forwards you do yourself and or for posting on social media. When a member requests to Join the Community, Site Admin will have to approve each person before they can access the Community site.

The reason we require Site Admins to approve members who request to join is to ensure your Community’s privacy. If someone you do not know requests to Join the Community, please reject them until you know they are trustworthy.

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